About Us

Abhra Enterprises is the company based in Jaipur- The Pink City ,India. The company was formed in the year 2006, with an idea of making the gemstones jewelry in Silver and Thewaart Jewelry.
Latter on the Yellow gold jewelry and Loose gemstones were added to make the company cater to demands of its customers in all the ranges of Jewelry.
The company is managed as a participative team, headed by able leadership and is supported by team of skilled professional, having in depth knowledge in Jewelry Line. Each member of the company contributes towards the new design development and enhancement in the productivity of the company in their own way.
The company maintains an array of designs in its database and also maintains an optimum stock level to serve customers fast and diligently.
The company maintains high degree of craftsmanship and quality is the key to the success of the company. The artisans and the crafters are highly skilled and well trained and having a varied experience in Jewelry making.
We do custom designing as per the requirement of the customers.

 You may get in touch with the team directly by mailing here

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