Abhra Enterprises the company specializing in Thewa Art (Theva Art). The mystique art of fine jewelry making from the culture & art rich state of Rajasthan in INDIA .
Thewa Art (Theva Art) is a very rare and secret art of fine jewelry making which is passed from generations downwards with in the family, as such it has become a family tradition for the people called as "Rajsoni". These Rajsoni's are the master craftsmen and they treat this art as their sacred profession and not merely as a source of livelihood.
We at Abhra Enterprises are team of professionals who are promoting this fine art with help of these artisans and is turn making the art to popularize and grow and come out of the confines of few.

Other then Thewa Art (Theva Art)we  also Deal/Export Fine Handcrafted Gold & Silver Jewellry.The company is dealing and Exporting fine handcrafted Silver Jewellery with/without gemstones of Sterling Silver(925)  using Precious and Semi precious stones of good quality.  The items mainly Include Pendants, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings& Chains.In Gold  fine Jewellery and Chains are manufactured. Traditional INDIAN Designs are mainly made along  with contemporary  and latest designs. In gold  we make  Mainly Necklaces and Chains.

We use genuine gemstones, our products are of fine quality with high standard of workmanship.